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Plan your project

  • Bespoke trails and activities

    Looking to develop a new activity, walk, talk or trail? Let us help you create something totally unique.

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  • Independent Evaluation Service

    Let us take care of your next project evaluation.

    Price based on requirements, starting from £5000.

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  • Activity planning

    We can support you in writing an activity plan as part of applying for funding.

    Price is based on requirements, starting from £5000

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  • application approved

    Grant application review service

    We offer a support package for your NLHF application that will leave your organisation feeling confident and with greater insight into what the funder is looking for in these areas.

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  • Focus groups

    Focus groups are a great evaluation choice if you’re looking for in-depth information and deep insight from a small group of people on a variety of levels, from a small area of interpretation to a whole project.

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  • Mentoring and coaching

    Our range of mentoring services offer a personalised approach, suitable to all budgets. Get the practical advice needed to give you the skills and confidence to do it alone.

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  • Bespoke workshops and training

    We take pride in offering something truly different with our training and workshops. We share our expertise, enthusiasm and awesome top tips to help you gain the skills and confidence you need.

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  • Evaluation toolkits

    We can work closely with you to create awesome bespoke evaluation tools, tailored specifically to your unique needs.

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