Mentoring and coaching

Our range of mentoring services offer a personalised approach, suitable to all budgets. Get the practical advice needed to give you the skills and confidence to do it alone.

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Develop yourself, develop your team, develop your organisation.

Our mentoring services give you personalised, direct support to help you and your organisation grow and achieve your goals.

We offer a range of mentoring services to suit all budgets and needs. From quick win 1 hour e-mentoring packages to intensive 5 day courses.

From our years of experience and specialist expertise, we offer mentoring services in all areas of heritage including;

  • Interpretation master planning
  • Review of existing interpretation services
  • Resource development (leaflets, trails, activity sheets)
  • Exhibition planning and development
  • Project management
  • Visitor insight and evaluation
  • Applying for funding


Our e-mentoring services are a great way to get the support you need, when you need it; ‘It’s like having your own personal helpline!’

  • 1 hour  e-mentoring package is ideal if you have a few quick questions in a specific area, or as an add on to one of our workshops. (£55)
  • 4 hour e-mentoring package is best if you are in need of some professional support to kick start a project, or for more in-depth advice in a specific area. (£175)
  • 8 hour e-mentoring package allows for ongoing support throughout a project, or a combination of half a day intensive e-coaching and follow up sessions. Time can be split however you need over a duration of up to 12 months. (£350)

Whether you’re stuck with a project, looking for inspiration, in need of specific industry knowledge, are new to what you’re doing, need help prioritising your workload, want advice on moving on in your career, or simply want reassurance you’re going in the right direction; we can help through a tailored e-mentoring package.

Our blended approach means you can communicate with us through email, have a telephone session, a Skype session or a mixture of all of all three; whatever suits your needs and preferred learning style.

5-day intensive coaching

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but exceptional visitor experiences can be made in a week.

A 5 day intensive coaching package is the ultimate professional development package. It can completely transform the way you think.

We will re-invigorate your passion, re-inspire you to recognise what is possible, push you to think in new ways and equip you with the necessary skills and capacity needed to make a real difference to your site or organisation.

The whole week is tailored to your needs and will allow you to step away from your usual routine, take time to reflect on what you do and how to move forward. It is the ideal way to update your knowledge and develop a positive and realistic plan of action.

A 5 day intensive coaching package will include a mix of: site visits, practical exercises, training, assisted research, exploring real case studies, professional reviews and support in planning.
It sounds intense and a little scary, but we work hard to make sure it is enjoyable, effective and hugely rewarding.

Intensive coaching is perfect for:

  • Someone new to a job or entering the heritage sector from other industries
  • Anyone who has had a change of role, or been given additional responsibilities
  • Kick-starting a challenging project
  • A new team
  • An existing team that wants to kick-start it’s performance, change the way it works and work towards common goals.

What do we get?

  • Exclusive 1 to 1 coaching with one of our highly skilled industry experts
  • Completion certificate
  • Written reference
  • Free, unlimited supporting resources, handouts and reading lists from our extensive catalogue
  • Entrance fees for all site visits
  • Lunch and refreshments when off site

Standard cost of £1,200 is for one person. You can add additional people to the same package (up to a total of 4) at a cost of £150 per person.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence for your mentor will be charged at cost.

Contact us to discuss how we can help  you and your organisation achieve your goals.


Like what you see, but not quite sure yet? Maybe you don’t want to buy a whole workshop but just want a place on one?  We pop all the latest workshops, tips and deals straight into INSPIRE. It’s free and it’s exclusive access for our professional community of 1,000+ strong, people just like you.


‘I would definitely recommend mentoring! I feel much more confident with evaluation and have a deeper understanding of which methods will work best for certain questions and give the most meaningful results. I felt I already had a basic understanding of evaluation and why it was useful but the mentoring helped me become more confident in putting that into practice. Thank you!’

Museum Education Manager (December 2020)


‘We worked with Heritage Insider to provide mentorship to me as Project Manager for the Kent based The Ash Project, Kate Measures worked with me as a “critical friend” providing a sounding board for all aspects of the project evaluation from developing a framework, to data collection and reporting. Kate suggested we host a Project Learning Review at the end of the project and we thought it a really great process, expertly led, energising for our group and it was great  to have that boost of external critical insight at the end of the project. Really worthwhile!’

Project Manager, Kent Ash Project


‘The best thing we did in our HLF development year was to engage Kate. Endlessly knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic, she more than delivered on all the things we originally asked – and provided a huge amount of extra advice and support that guided us through the whole process.’

Freshwater Habitats Trust


Excellent – thanks! Really useful sessions earlier and now feeling much more confident about the whole thing 🙂.’

Telephone interview research mentee