Happy families toolkit, a self-help guide


A must for anyone interested in improving their offer for family audiences. It is suitable for indoors or outdoor sites, large or small. It will help you create shared, memorablevalued and magical visitor experiences for families.

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A must for anyone interested in improving their offer for family audiences. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor sites, large and small. It will help you create shared, memorable, valued and magical visitor experiences for families whilst staying true to the mantra of ‘simple, inspiring, time-saving, achievable’. Our happy families tool-kit gives you:

  • Key areas in which to concentrate your efforts to get maximum benefit
  • Realistic and achievable solutions
  • Real-life examples

Families are an important audience for all leisure attractions and heritage sites are no exception. This toolkit will help you better understand what families want and need from your site and how to provide them with the best possible experience.

Whether you’ve started your journey to developing a family offer, or are just taking the first tentative steps this will help you improve the experience for families at your site. We have drawn from our expertise, developed whilst working with hundreds of heritage sites, to bring you best practice examples from across the heritage sector.

The happy families toolkit is packed with:

  • 90 pages of sector specific analysis, examples and advice
  • Statistics and insight into families as a heritage and arts audience
  • The truth about families as an audience, how they behave and what they want from their visit
  • Insights into how families learn together
  • Step-by-step guide to doing a ‘health check’ on your current family offer
  • Tips on how to change your organisation as a whole to be more family focussed
  • How to perfect the all important welcome
  • Hints and tips for delivering your family offer and interpretation
  • Real case studies of top quality family experiences in the sector
  • Insight into evaluation with families, social media and ideas on things to do with sticks!

Plus you get:

  • A 20 page directory of suppliers, funders and useful organisations
  • Useful check-list to help you assess your current offer for families
  • Families quiz to test your current knowledge of family audiences, makes a great team game

Please note: This is an electronic book supplied on a handy CD as PDF files.

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