Our values

We have a level management structure in our business and we move work between each other in a dynamic way.  People are sometimes surprised when they learn that our team all use a shared inbox, but it really helps us to work together seamlessly.

As a company we are serious about reducing our impact on the environment and making a positive contribution to communities.

We work hard to make sure that the work we do, and the options we give our clients are as environmentally sustainable as possible. Here’s how…

  • As a national company we are conscious of our travel choices. When possible we will use public transport and all essential client travel is carbon off-set by planting trees in the UK
  • We also use smarter ways of working to avoid travel, such as skype meetings, webinars and online file sharing
  • We do lots of simple things everyday to help reduce our carbon and social  footprint. We drink fair trade tea and coffee, use organic milk delivered by a local milkman, we compost our tea bags and coffee grounds and switch our equipment off when we finish work
  • Almost all our paper stock is recycled and we reuse paper, envelopes and packaging wherever possible
  • We locally source all materials and suppliers when possible
  • We have a prompt payment policy which helps to support the economy but especially small businesses such as caterers, freelancers and designers.  We feel that this is an ethical approach to doing business
  • Where possible we buy from companies that use ‘closed loop systems‘. One example of this is the banners we buy for events and exhibitions. Once finished with the banners can be sent back to the supplier to be unwoven and remade into new banners
  • We offer our clients an exclusive recommendation service – we can recommend suppliers and products to suit your needs.  This saves you a lot of leg work!  We don’t get any payment from the suppliers for this – it’s just part of the service!
  • We volunteer professional consultancy time to help support communities and the sector.  Kate Measures gives her time and professional advice as a Director of bgen (Botanical Gardens Education Network:inspiring people through plants).
  • We believe in building a more sustainable and equitable world so we support the Common Cause and help our clients to understand the importance of appealing to the right values if we want to empower our visitors to go out there and help make it happen.