Greedy Squirrel

The Mission

Well hello! It’s the Heritage Insider team here.  Thanks for stopping by.

We know that heritage attractions are filled with dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers: people who will go above and beyond, but are often restricted by limited time and budgets.

In our mission to help you wonderful people to do what you do, but even better, we created Greedy Squirrel; your go-to place for when you need advice, support or inspiration.

Forage around Greedy Squirrel and you will find a library of affordable and thoroughly useful resources, all created to be simple, effective and ready to go.  Designed for the super-busy heritage professional, you’ll find no jargon and no complex theories and models to understand, just really useful stuff.

You will also discover plenty of ways in which we can come out to your site and help you to increase your awesomeness.

If you would like to request or recommend a resource that’s not on Greedy Squirrel yet, share one of your own resources, or fancy a chat, contact us.