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    Workshops and training

    We take pride in offering something truly different with our training and workshops. We share our expertise, enthusiasm and awesome top tips to help you gain the skills and confidence you need.

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  • Comment card created for Secrets Beneath the Grass exhibition at Shaw House

    Bespoke evaluation tools

    We can work closely with you to create awesome bespoke evaluation tools, tailored specifically to your unique needs.

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    Comprehensive project evaluation

    Let us take care of your next project evaluation.

    Price based on requirements, starting from £3000.

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    Volunteer training


    Effective training for your volunteer team to upskill them, create capacity and show them you value them.

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  • Staff from Learning Team at National Trust Scotland using Evaluation Trumps to inspire new ideas on how to do evalution

    Workshop: interpretation for beginners


    A personalised beginners guide to creating or commissioning interpretation, how to plan it and the range of techniques available.

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    Bespoke workshops


    Like the look of our workshops and training, but want something customised to your site, your team, or your visitors? We can tailor any of our workshops to suit your specific needs, or we can work with you to develop an entirely bespoke workshop.

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    Mentoring services

    Our range of mentoring services offer a personalised approach, suitable to all budgets. Get the practical advice needed to give you the skills and confidence to do it alone.

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