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    Happy families toolkit, a self-help guide


    A must for anyone interested in improving their offer for family audiences. It is suitable for indoors or outdoor sites, large or small. It will help you create shared, memorablevalued and magical visitor experiences for families.

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    Trails toolkit


    A practical toolkit of ideas to help you design, write and develop imaginative and creative self-guided trails that your visitors are guaranteed to enjoy.


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    Fresh eye visit


    ‘Fresh Eye’ visits are designed to support gardens, parklands and landscapes, historic houses and museums. We take a fresh look at what interpretation and learning opportunities are on offer for your visitors.

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    Workshop: 20 ways to improve your visitor experience


    This workshop is great for anyone responsible for planning and delivering engaging visitor experiences. It’s a chance to take time out from the day job to take a step back and take a fresh look at your visitor experience.

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  • Staff from Learning Team at National Trust Scotland using Evaluation Trumps to inspire new ideas on how to do evalution

    Workshop: interpretation for beginners


    A personalised beginners guide to creating or commissioning interpretation, how to plan it and the range of techniques available.

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  • dynamic-training

    Workshop: working with designers and suppliers


    Don’t be swept away with designers’ fancy jargon. This workshop covers: writing design briefs, costing projects, finding the right person for the job and copyright issues. Let us help you get the most out of your next design project.

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  • The way to success.

    5 day intensive coaching


    When one day is not enough…this intensive coaching package will be completely tailored to your development needs.

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